Mike Skirpan

Mike Skirpan
Assistant Teaching Faculty
Software and Societal Systems | Electrical and Computer Engineering
Carnegie Mellon University
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Michael Skirpan is a computing ethicist, educator, and writer whose work focuses on pedagogical interventions for training technical experts on how to think about ethics in practical engineering challenges, communicating risks and ethical questions to the lay public, and developing frameworks for auditing and governance of AI and data systems. He also serves as the executive director of Community Forge where he works on programs that advance an equitable economy including technology workforce development.

Currently he is based in CMU’s Institute for Software Research where he teaches the Ethics & Policy Issues in Computing course. He wears several hats as an advisor to initiatives around public use of algorithms and offers training to private and public sector entities looking to understand the ethical use of AI and emerging data technologies.

As a writer, he develops science fiction that elucidates challenges presented to people and communities due to technological adoption and transition. His award-winning play, Project Amelia, was an immersive experience that took audience through hands-on ethical challenges of AI and data privacy, exploring perspectives and working with others to determine what an ethical future looks like.